A platform for collecting and analyzing application or website performance using surveys, heatmaps, and session recordings.

  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Express
  • Prisma
  • Apollo
  • Docker
  • Matomo

Extellio, a startup specializing in web analytics, targeted surveys, and performance monitoring, sought to scale its operations by transforming their proprietary platform into a self-serve SaaS product.

This transition aimed to empower users to create and analyze their own surveys, and gain insights into the usage and performance of their websites while still leveraging Extellio’s expertise for deeper analysis. To address these challenges, my multifaceted role encompassed development, UX design, and product management.

Extellio - Dashboard

First, I led the visual and functional redesign of the platform to accommodate both skilled analysts and less experienced users.

Next, we simplified complex workflows to align with user expectations and automated processes in order to ensure scalability.

Lastly, I collaborated on refining pricing and marketing strategies to harmonize license fees and expert services, ultimately optimizing the overall customer experience.